I enjoy the heft of a well-wrapped burrito, a balanced electric guitar, a painting of a size that is just so. A personal element. An interaction through physicality. Something that makes you feel like it, whatever it may be, was worth the time, money and/or effort.

It is a hard transition from physical to digital. You cannot hold an image in your eyes like a canvas in your hands. Dual sensory perception is key. Now if only Google Art Project came with a soundtrack.

Possibly Megadeth.

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The only three readable spam comments I have gotten in a slew of 72 since I turned on Akismet:

“Once and for all a superb write-up regarding the topic, continue the great work and I hope to read a lot more from you in the future.”

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I do not understand the point of all this.
Are the spambots lonely?
Or do they really enjoy my writing that much?

Also I made a forum.


“The Telephone Room Gallery is pleased to present “Clicks and Pffts” a sound installation by Jessica Robinson, curated by Graham Bell, during the month of October, with an opening on Saturday, October 2 from 6-9 pm.

A visual artist infatuated with the unseen, Jessica Robinson creates spaces and environments that explore the ways that sound relates to the body and how the individual relates to that sound. Using found sound and rec…ordings of bodily noises, she crafts an aural scape that is at once technological but very human; familiar yet alien; Lady Gaga transmogrified to beatbox.

There is a thoughtful questioning of language in her current work. Robinson translates unintelligible mouth sounds into what a computer perceives as words. The audience can tell that no language is being spoken, yet a machine that society relies on so heavily grasps furtively at the incoherent babblings, trying desperately to find structure.

In a space like the Telephone Room, a place used for the transmission and reception of sound, it seemed exceedingly relevant to focus on what speech and language are. Constructed through a culture with a need to understand each other, some sounds are laden with meaning while others are just clicks and pffts. Robinson’s work dwells in these noises.

Jessica Robinson is finishing an MFA at the University of Oregon. She is also one of the creators of Bus 34, the travelling bus experiment which seeks to provide exhibition opportunities to emerging artists in a mobil, unique venue. The approximately 34 square feet allows artists to experience and showcase art in a non-traditional gallery space.

Graham Bell is an art historian and arts writer living in Portland, Oregon by way of Eatonville, WA. He holds a BA from Willamette University in Art History and an MA in the same from the University in Oregon where he specialized in postmodern art theory and contemporary photography. He currently splits his time between PDX Contemporary Art Gallery and teaching Contemporary Art at Portland State University”


It was just about time to bring it all together.

So: new site look. With integrated blogogg (formerly:



Baking and Magic

It has come to my attention that there is among us a magic hat commonly referred to as the convection oven. For where else could you put in seemingly innocuous components to produce a final product as tasty as biscuits or a three-tiered cake. And it is not only these innocuous components, but the fact that they are seemingly combined in very similar ways to make very different items. A handful of glitter and a few taps of the wand will give you a rabbit, and a few portions of flour with butter, salt and baking powder in a large box set at 475 degrees will give you something to go with that rabbit and a bit of gravy.

There is magic in our midst. Or at least in our kitchen. Abracadabra.

“I really should read more.”

“That’s really the only thing worth doing anymore. That and procreation.” -RWP (well read artist and recent father)

Really could use a redesign or somethin.

Just returned from world travellin. Multiple worlds. Like Galactus. Feelin like Im needin some redesign happenin here on this here bloggo.

Also no time for apostrophes.

I bought some watercolors at the store.

Turns out I’m not as good as I’d hoped.

Will continue.

Years Gone by Me

i just saw that i wrote 35 posts in 2008.

what the hell did i write about?


Topic Spotter Somewhere between my alarm going off and me actually getting up today I had a dream where I was playing a show with a drummer on a little stage and I tried to play the oboe and sing at the same time but it wasn’t working and then we left and practiced for a little bit and I figured out that a guitar would work much better but then we came back to the show and people had left and we were like what why did they leave and then I decided that I would just start fake shredding on an electric guitar that showed up in my hands and I had a montage of me getting famous and wearing weird masks and a towel cape and making weird shredding music and then I woke up and was not in ICP.